Looking for a Company that Specializes in Radiometric Surveys?

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Understanding Radiometric Surveys

A company that specializes in radiometric surveys will be able to successfully plan and execute sensitive low -level geophysical surveys globally. Airborne radiometric surveys involve the measurement of gamma rays and natural radioactive elements at surface level to map soil and mineral presence.
Rocks and minerals contain radioactive elements such as Potassium (K), Uranium (U) and Thorium (Th) that emit gamma rays as their molecules continue to experience decay. Radiometric surveys measure the natural radiation, which is present at the Earth’s surface and to help identify rock types and concentrations.

Getting the Most Accurate Radiometric Data

When selecting a company that specializes in airborne radiometric surveys, the company you choose should have access to aircraft that are capable of performing  low level acquisition while maintaining safe climb and descent rates, in a variety of terrain and attitude conditions.  High quality radiometric data requires the use of two full radiometric packs which means significant weight on board the aircraft and involves a considerable capital equipment cost as well. Airborne gamma ray spectrometry data gathered during these surveys can be an extremely valuable tool for geological exploration. Radiometric data is especially useful in combination with magnetic data. It pays to find a company that specializes in radiometric surveys with a proven history of executing successful surveys around the globe. 
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